Building Intuition For Success

by tmcca on March 14, 2012

Building Intuition For Success

Our views of killer instinct are heavily affected by what we’ve seen in movies, books or TV. Many of us have come to trust that some have special wiring that gives them access to a magic way of seeing, hearing and sensing matters that the rest of us can not. But what we don’t recognize is that we all have the power to tap into intuitive, killer instinct information. Simply because you’re not constantly having premonitions or precognitive flashes, doesn’t mean you’re not intuitive.

Some of us are by nature more intuitive than others, even as some of us are by nature more adept at running. Do you state to yourself, “I’m not born a long-distance runner, so I won’t bother building up my walking abilities?” Certainly not! That would be absurd. Very few of us are long-distance runners, but almost all of us have learned to functionally walk and run to the point that we need in our daily lives.

Among the best reasons to formulate your intuition is to tap into a source of info outside your conscious thinking brain. We’re all connected to, and a piece of, Universal awareness, which encompasses the creative thinking, intelligence, awareness, and power of each individual, creature or thing that ever has or ever will come into being.

Develop your intuition. It’s a facet of you that simply knows things without knowing how or why you know. Intuition is a feeling, a hunch, or a gut feeling.

Everybody has intuition, that unforeseen and unexplained knowing. Intuition utilizes all of your senses in a really holistic way. Intuition may frequently keep us safe, by presenting us a way to know faster. It may steer us towards or away from the correct people. Intuition may help us make choices in a myriad of situations.

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